Civil Engineering / Design Services

• Roadway and Railroad Bridge Design
• Roadway Design
• Traffic Studies
• Residential & Commercial Building Design
• Industrial Building Design
• Seismic Design
• Load Ratings
• Rehabilitation Design
• Site Engineering
• Stormwater Management
• Erosion & Sedimentation Control
• Hydrology & Hydraulic Studies
• Stream Restoration

• Municipal Engineering
• Drafting Services
• Plan Reviews
• Forensic Engineering (Cause, Origin & Extent of Failures)
• Traffic Impact Studies
• Traffic Signal Design and Coordination
• Shop Drawing Review
• Traffic Calming Studies
• Pavement Marking and Signing Design
• Maintenance and Protection of Traffic / Traffic Control Design

P3-Rapid Bridge Replacement, Statewide, PA – Actively reviewing shop drawings and designs prepared for bridges and culverts on this progressive and ambitious project that involves the replacement of approximately 560 bridges and culverts in a short time period.

SR 11/15 Rock Cut, Cumberland and Perry Counties, PA - Reviewed the structural design prepared by the contractor for the rock fall protection fence along Route 11 in Cumberland County.

Curb Ramp Design/Build for Act 89 Maintenance, Montgomery County, PA - Designed 81 curb ramps in conjunction with the milling and resurfacing of various state roadways.

SR 345 & 724 over Hay Creek Bridge Replacement, Birdsboro, PA - Prepared final right-of-way, final design and construction plans for the new bridge and approach roadway construction as well as obtained approval for the environmental permitting and erosion and sediment pollution control.

For assistance with Civil Engineering / Design Services please contact:
Eric M. Kaufman, P.E., Manager of Transportation Services, @ or 484-920-8020